D. Clute's

criminal justice
history files©

NYCHS is honored to be able to present the North Country criminal justice history files of former Clinton County District Attorney and now Plattsburgh City Court Judge Penelope D. Clute (who, by the way, was the Michigan Department of Corrections in-house attorney from 1976-78).

Long a student of criminal justice history as well as of the law, "Penny" researched, wrote or compiled these files and oversaw their placement on the web. The latter activity started well before appointment to the bench.

Taking on the judicial role prompts her to discontinue involvement in producing and maintaining the North Country criminal justice history web pages. NYCHS is pleased that she has made those files available for posting among our web pages.

Along with her site's "Crime in North Country History" files, many of its "Know the Law" pages also have been carried over to this site. They provide perspective on the criminal justice system in the North Country as elsewhere in NY.

©2001 by
Penelope D. Clute
New York