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Above is a cropped and down-sized image of the 8.5 X 11 inch front page of the December 1994 issue of the NYC DOC monthly Correction News Dateline.
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Below this italicized introductory note are text excerpts from that issue's stories as well as its graphics and photos.

First are excerpts from 1993 Medal Day-related stories that began on Page 1 of the newsletter. The story texts were wrapped around and within the medal-and-ribbon photo used as a design element.

Dateline -- its name appeared between the Volume Number on the left side of the Correction News nameplate and the month and year on the right side -- was a grayscale 4-pager published monthly. Correction News itself contained many more pages and was published seasonally.

The small Dateline edition usually featured one main front page story, a monthly calendar of DOC-related scheduled events, often a Commissioner's Report, a Quicky Quiz, a cartoon, brief notes of interest, and personnel items.

191 Perfect
559 Recipients,
1 Unit Citation, 10 Exceptional Merit,
59 Commendations, 84 Meritorious Duty,
44 Excellent Duty, 20 Certificates of Achievement,
15 Special Certificates of Appreciation
24 Civilian
Service Awards

Above is a copy of the grayscale graphic that accompanied the November 1993 Correction News Dateline Page 1 story.
Commiss-ioner Abate has announced that the Department of Correction’s 1993 Medals Day will be held in Brooklyn College Dec. 6, Monday, at 11 AM.

Nearly 560 uniformed and civilian staffers will receive special recognition. The Exceptional Merit medal, the highest award this year, will be presented to 10 COs who “performed acts of bravery involving personal risk to life.”

Four of the “Exceptional Merit” 10 are COs from GMDC — Louis Arocho, William Johnson, Ervin Justice, (Continued on calendar page.)

Above is an image of the issue's Quicky Quiz.
On the left is a scanned image of the main Page 1 Medal Day story's continuation text that appeared on the right side of the calendar centerfold section.

Below is the text of the other Medal Day story on Page 1:

One of the 559 awards to be presented at Medals Day Dec. 6th, will go to Correction Officer Samuel Perry for 30 years of perfect attendance.

A trained upholsterer, CO Perry joined DOC on July 1 3th, 1 959.

He served on Hart Island to 1964, at CIFM from 1964 to 1970, at headquarters from 1970 to 1981, and with Support Services since 1981.

During his three decades of perfect attendance, CO Perry has received Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year citations and special training in FBI defensive tactics and shotgun use.

(Related stories on Correction People page.)

Above is a downsized copy of the grayscale calendar that dominated the centerfold -- all of Page 2 and part of Page 3 of the November 1993 Correction News Dateline issue. Click image for larger version. If automatically reduced to fit screen, enlarge. Then use your browser's "back" button to return.
Correction Dateline, a calendar of DOC-related events which were scheduled for that month, dominated the centerfold -- all of Page 2 and part of Page 3 of the Nov. 1993 Correction News Dateline issue.

The heading over the days of the week identified it as published by the NYC DOC Office of Public Information and provided the unnamed editor's work phone number.

In this version, seven columns were allotted for the days of the week, unlike other versions in which Saturdays and Sundays both shared the sixth column. Three dollars in a date box signified "pay day."

The calendar did not limit itself to Departmental events but also included events planned by recognized DOC affiliated organization.

For example, the November 1993 chart of dates included events sponsored by the Emerald Society, Guardians, Hispanic Society, Columbia Association, Correction Officers for Christ, the Maccabees, Women in Correction, the ADWs and Correction Captains Associations, and the Steuben Society among others. Even a farewell fete for Fiscal Control Director John J. Antonelli was listed.

If an affiliated group's events were missing from a particular month's calendar, the cause often could be traced to that organization not comunicating the information in time for publication.

Where a date box had sufficient space to include an organization's logo as well as the event data, it might be used but that graphic could be dropped to make room for an additional event.

Below is the Correction People banner graphic that overarched the text and illustrations on Page 4 of the Nov. 1993 issue of Correction News Dateline.

K-9 CO Ken Forte’s Bloodhound, Belle, has been designated to receive special recognition at the Medals Day ceremony. Belle came to DOC’s K-9 Unit in June, 1992, from Wisconsin.

Image of K9 Unit member "Belle.".
She was purchased from a Bloodhound trainer and breeder to be trained as a “human-trailing” bloodhound.

She was shipped to New York when she was only seven weeks old. CO Forte, who has trained Bloodhounds in the past, picked her up at La Guardia Airport and took her home.

He explained that the basic way to train a dog is to establish bonding between handler and dog.

“So the decision to take her home was in place at time of purchase,” CO Forte said. She received all of her puppy shots from the Animal Medical Center and began her training in August, 1 992, when three months old. She has been in training ever since.

. . . . CIFM hosts and participates in a November basketball tourney Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Nov. 24 the CIFM Fresh Start Program will make its annual Turkey donation...

Health Affairs CO Dana Shehee reports his grand-mother, 83, was killed in a break-in robbery arson at home on 167th St., Cambria Heights, Oct. 7th. On a chance some DOCer might come across information aiding investigation, he asked Dateline to publish 113th Pct. Detective Gentile’s phone number: (718) 712-2129.

Her first “real” assignment was an escape attempt by an inmate from C-95. Belle tracked him from his dorm to where he was apprehended, thus revealing his route of escape.

On her second assignment, she tracked missing inmates from their point of exit over a fence to where they went into the dorm.

Her actions indicated to CO Forte that the inmates wentr back in the facility.

Belle trains daily on Rikers and with NYPD at Fort Totten.

“The Police Department is very impressed with Belle,” CO Forte said.

“She has a brilliant future . . . ."

Above is an image of the headline introducing a regularly featured cartoon character: Officer "Lock In." The text with the headline noted that the cartoon was drawn by CO Antonio G. Cuin assigned to JATC’s CPSU, that the Bishop Ford HS graduate took up engineering studies at NYC Technical College before joining DOC in 1989, and that he and his wife have two children. Below is the first of a series of "Lock In" cartoon panels to appear in the monthly publication.

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