Pierre Raphael's God Behind Bars:
A Prison Chaplain Reflects on the Lord's Prayer
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of Rikers' closed penitentiary (aka JATC) inmate chapel. They do not appear
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Book Dedication: To my friends at Abraham House

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. . . Before living in the South Bronx I was a chaplain at Rikers Island, New York Cityís penal colony, for sixteen years.

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During that time I witnessed the prison population increase from six to twenty thousand.

The harshness of a jail, a place of brutal sterility like the desert, can force person to confront long-buried questions and matters screened by everyday living.

This book grew out of my desire to confront the reality of the desert, whether in or out of prison, with prayer, especially the prayer of the Our Father.

In the prisonersí bleak search for a way out of the pit, I have found that the Lordís Prayer is best able to overcome their brutalizing anger and despair.

Even in such an unlikely place as prison, against all odds, this prayer has a potency far greater than other prayers.

This power can be best expressed by the phrase that summarizes all the following pages: the Lordís Prayer puts an end to prison and turns the desert into fertile land. . . . .

Hope in Place of Prison:
Catholic Worker article on Abraham House
These reflections on the Our Father will give way to a description of Abraham House.

An alternative to incarceration, the very heart of Abraham House is rooted in the spirit of the Lordís Prayer. At Abraham House prisoners are able to make that journey from relating to God as Our Father in hell to Our Father in heaven.


The above excerpts are from Pages 3, 4 and 6.

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