Above is one of three photos, found together in the archives at the Correction Academy, taken by Commissioner Anna M. Kross era NYC DOC photographer Cecil A. Ramsey of scenes on Hart Island July 15, 1958 when the agency hosted Police Athletic League youngsters. If one looks closely, a very few females -- possibly young counselors -- can be seen in the picture. But most of those shown racing into Long Island Sound to beat the summer heat are boys. Thus the title for our presentation on this web site is The Boys of Summer 1958 Hart Island.

The 1958 DOC annual report has a different shot of Hart Isle splash-in.

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Memory of seeing in a DOC annual report a photo similar to the one above (dated 7/15/58) prompted NYCHS checking the 1958 volume. Below right the other two 7/15/58 photos found:

Immediately above and below are the other two photos in the 7/15/58 threesome found together in the archives at the Correction Academy. Seen in these two are Commissioner Anna M. Kross and Hart Warden Edward Dros (in white long-sleeve shirt). Click to see larger versions. Use browser's "back" button to return. All three Hart Island scenes were captured by NYC DOC photographer Ramsey as was probably the splash-in shot seen in the 1958 DOC annual report excerpt left.

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Below are images of the notes that Commissioner Kross era DOC photographer Ramsey entered on the backs of the three archives prints of the Hart Island photos he took July 15, 1958 when the agency hosted PAL youngsters. The C.O. indulged a bit of whimsy in his titles for these photos: "Almost In PAL" for the race into the Sound scene, "Sing High, Swing Low at Harts" for the swings shot and "On the Links at Harts with the PAL" for the miniature golf picture. Click any image to see its larger version. Please use the browser's "back" button to return.

Below is an image from another Hart Island photo by Officer Ramsey found in the archives separate from the 7/15/58 threesome. The note on the print's back reads: "Hart Island PAL Beach Torn Up and House Knocked Down 4/14/61." Of the playground equipment, only the see-saw can be seen still standing. NYCHS research indicates that on the previous day -- April 13th, 1961 -- the NYC metro area experiecned a major Nor'easter that killed three people and caused widespread destruction.

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