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Photo of April 1980 graduation class at NYC Correction Academy on Rikers Island.

The image above and the individual comments below were posted Sept.18 - 20, 2013, by some of the 850 members of the New York Correction History group on Facebook as a social media extension of www.correctionhistory.org

The discussion began with member Luis Rubio posting a photo of a photo of his April 1980 graduation class at the Academy on Rikers Island. The image above has been extracted from his photo of the photo and somewhat enhanced.

The comments below explore such related topics as where the Academy held classes before moving to its current Middle Village in 1985, whether others among the group's members had pre-1985 Academy graduation class photos available to post, and what their Academy experience had been like back then.

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In spring 2013, on the occasion of his retirement as long-time director of training, Dennis McCormick listens while a commanding officer supervises the honor formation in the Academy's main corridor. In the background is a wall photo of (appropriately) Correction bagpipers on parade.

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Around the time of his retiring from DOC after long service as the Academy's director of training, Dennis McCormick shared with the Correction History web site what he had read and heard about the Academy's locations prior to Middle Village:

I recall learning that earlier Academy sites had been at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, at the Rikers Island Chapel and at the Police Academy. However, these were Academy sites before I started with the Department in 1987.

In salute to Dennis McCormick's DOC career, some images connected with his retirement ceremonies at the Academy earlier this year appear on this web page.

McCormick addresses the honor formation in the Academy's main corridor.

Responses to the April 1980 Academy Grad Class Photo:

Kevin Mahoney, Becky Scott-Feaster, Nina Powers, Lynn Rosa, Beatrice Pat Bracco-Esposito, Tommy Lyman, Yvette Tee, Jacqueline Jones, Eric Golub, Lynn Rosa, Alfred Melendez, Diana Bonilla, Leo LaChance, Frank M, Eposito, Wanda Stewart, Vinnie Pecorale, Phyllis Bunny Smith, Karen Blackman, and Lieba Sutherland registered their "like" of the posting

Member "Comments:"

  • Luis Rubio
    [In posting on the Facebook group page the photo from which the image at the top of this web page was taken, Luis Rubio posted this message:] My graduation class of April 1980 held at the Academy on Rikers Island.

  • Leo LaChance
    Those were the Good Old Days!!

  • Members of the McCormick honor formation in the Academy's main corridor salute him as he takes his ceremonial walk.

    Thomas McCarthy
    Wonder . . . how many other Rikers Island Correction Academy class photos are out there . . . . For openers, would it be possible to collect the Academy class photos from 1957 when the Academy moved to Rikers Island to 1985 when it moved to its present location in Middle Village. . . .

    Why 1957 - 1985 class photos the first? . . . The answer is that most of the folks in those class photos who are still around are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and some in their 80s, and 90s. While we still can, let's take advantage of the valuable resource their memories are to identify the time, place and people in the photos.

    If any 1957 to 1985 Academy graduates out there in "Web-landia," who still have their class photos, would make available digital images of them (not the original prints), those images can be collected and placed in special section of the Correction History web site . . . .Perhaps this scheme is too wild an idea? Your thoughts, members? . . . .

  • The McCormick honor formation members applaud him as he returns, having completed the ceremonial walk down the Academy's main corridor.

    Jose Caraballo
    Academy Class #410 graduation Feb 14,1985. Picture use to hang in the cafeteria in the Academy. They took it down when one of the officers in the class messed up big time.

  • John Hernandez
    No pictures of class of October 1970. We did not go the Academy. The riots were going on. We were on the JOB.

  • Thomas McCarthy
    Jose, your comment above used the expression "Academy Class #410 graduation." Does the # refer to the graduating class or to the graduation ceremony? . . .

    Does the number #410 mean that since 1928 the Feb. 14, 1985 was the Four Hundred and Tenth Class to graduate. Does anyone know the # for the most recent graduating class from Middle Village or the last # to graduate from Rikers? Who keeps track of the numbers?

  • Golf enthusiast McCormick executes a slice, here not on the course, but on his retirement cake.

    Carl Alleyne
    I came on 7/6/89. My class # was FY 1 of 90. The FY stood for Fiscal Year so we were the 1st class of Fiscal Year 1990. I'm not too sure but I believe that was around the time they started using that designation for each class. Don't know if they still use that but any class that started after 7/1/13 would be FY 1 of 14 and so on. Hope that helps.

  • Charlie Mule'
    Graduated December 1969 and they didn't take class pictures at that time. I wish they had.

  • Bob Leibrock
    My brother Phil was in the December '69 class. I started May 18, 1970. No pictures were taken then either. It wasn't very ceremonious back then, They just wanted to rush you through the Academy and assign you to a jail. The Academy was at the north end of the Island, next to the Powerhouse. It later became Supervising Warden Bouno's Headquarters.

  • New retiree McCormick's hand holds his slice of cake while his face seems to reflect his holding thoughts of other than cake. . . perhaps wishing he was already on the golf course.

    Jose Caraballo
    Hello Thomas, this was referring to the graduating class. I don't know how they do it now. They had a class in July, September, November, and December in 1984 and all these classes use the 400 numbers; my class in December being #410.

  • Charlie Mule'
    I had four days of training. On the fifth day I was assigned to the Brooklyn House of Detention. My first day on the job at BkHD I was working on a floor with 200 plus inmates, me and two other officers. I can still feel the shoe on my back as they kicked me off the elevator for my assigned floor. LOL

  • John Hernandez
    About a year later they were going to send us to the Academy, but then they said, "If do not know the job by now, you never will."

  • Jose Caraballo
    I use to walk to school up hill both ways. . . . LOL . . . . I'm just saying we all went threw some hard times in Corrections. God knows this is not an easy job and this job is not for everyone.

Posted Wednesday night Sept, 25, 2013:

Joseph Beilouny
My Graduating Class .... March 1978

Tim McCombs, Beatrice Pat Bracco-Esposito, Seamus Pruinseas Smyth, Michael Kirtley, Jacqueline Jones, Michael Polite, Carol Adonis, Charlie Mule', David Melvin Pressley, Cossette Brown, Bert Craig, Patrick Alicea, Bob Eadie, Spencer Burnett, Edie C Harris, Clara Matthews-MerrittEvans, Philip Clyne, Kevin Mahoney, Dorothy Alston, John Murphy, Becky Scott-Feaster, Ralph Greenberg, Manny Lanausse, Jerome Stallings, Nina Powers, Wayne A Tatum Sr, Frank M Esposito, and Eric Golub registered their "like" of the posting within a few hours,

Some members added comments:

  • F Kent LeMon
    Anybody got photo of Class from March 1979?

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Hey Joe...no females?

  • Thomas McCarthy
    I added Joe's class of March 1978 photo to the bottom of the pre-1985 class photos page I just added to the www correctionhistory org web site.

    Joe, the setting seems like a chapel of some sort. Would you describe where?

  • Bob Eadie

  • George Wertheimer

  • Vincent Coppola
    Hey Tom We were are group of 18. I was in this class with Joe. I am the officer on the far right top row. Captain was Garnel Smith. Eight of us went to HDM. Bottom row 2nd from left John Marie ( passed away several years ago). I have this picture hanging on my wall in my den!! HDM officers were as follows: Joe Beilouny, Vincent Coppola, William Gaukel, Robert Otoole, Mike Messari, John Marie, Robert Orlando, Ralph Magno.

    No females Jackie...Old Tombs chapel!!! Capt Smith said Damn Sharp many times. lol

  • Frank M Esposito
    The June 1978 class started in Old Tombs and ended on Rikers Island. All good officers Vincent Coppola only one class ahead of me. However, John Marie was a mentor in HDM and later when we were Captains in Administrative roles. He taught me a great deal. And always had me laughing. I miss him.

  • Bob Leibrock
    John Marie was Personnel Captain in C74, one of the Best

  • Joseph Beilouny
    Yep.. That was the chapel in the Old Tombs. There may not have been any females in our class but the Commanding Officer of the Academy at the time was ADW Jacqueline McMickens.

    We weren't a class with staying power. Only a handful of us actually made it through until retirement. Half the HDM crew made rank. Vinny Coppola retired a DW. I retired as an ADW and John Marie and Bobby O'Toole retied as Captains. Our Academy training only lasted two weeks.

    My apologies to the rest of the class for not remembering your names. Lipscomb, Stallings, Staples and Williams went to C-76. Stanzione was assigned to C-74. Other than that, I just don't remember who was who. But hey.... it was more than thirty five years ago!

  • Vincent Coppola
    Hey Joe, I dont remember all the names either my friend. You remember more than I do.

  • Joseph Beilouny
    That's because you're older than I am. Your memory is fading faster than mine, old man....lol.

  • Bob Leibrock
    Is that Stanzione to the right of Capt Smith?

  • Joseph Beilouny
    Yes, Bob. That's him.

  • Joseph Beilouny
    Trying to remember who some of our instructors were. Jackie McMickens was the Commanding Officer. If I recall correctly, Garnel Smith was the only Captain. Of course Jimmy Carter was an icon of the Academy. Marron Hopkins, Lenny Holmes, Mike Norton, John Potusek and ? Muccio were there. At the Range were Nick Menrath, Captain and Executive Officer and Ernie Samson. There was a second Officer whose face I can recall but not his name. Does anyone recall who else was there at the time?

  • Dominick Provisiero
    Anyone ever hear from Nick menrath?

  • John Murphy
    Joe, there was an officer there whose last name was Crowe. He eventually made captain and came to C74. I thought he was a good instructor.

  • George Wertheimer
    There was also Natali Abruzo (officer) who went ALL the way up the chain of command..

Posted Thursday night September 5, 2013:

Eric Golub
Graduation Class of February 1983. Rikers Island, Women's House .

Beatrice Pat Bracco-Esposito, Jacqueline Jones, Vincent Coppola, Michael Kirtley, Seamus Pruinseas Smyth, Tim McCombs, Beatrice Pat Bracco-Esposito, Michael Polite, Carol Adonis, Charlie Mule', David Melvin Pressley, Cossette Brown, Bert Craig, Patrick Alicea, registered their "like" of the posting within a few hours,

Some members added comments:

  • Jacqueline Jones
    I'm in class right behind y'all. March 1983...YOU ALL LOOK AWESOME

  • Thomas McCarthy
    Which handsome dude is you, Eric? (I think I spot you, but not 100% sure.) Thanks for keeping memories of the Bx House alive, through sharing these pix with our NY Correction History group and for your work as admin of the Bronx House of Detention Facebook group.

  • Tim Mester
    Worked with back row 3rd from right but can't remember name. Been 25 yrs !!!!!!! La...something!!!!!

  • Anthony White
    smallest correction graduation class ever: the magic 17.

  • Anthony White
    Julio Lasalle

  • Ken Perrone
    17 WOW !

  • Eric Golub
    I'm the bottom row, 1st left.

  • Thomas McCarthy
    Am I wrong but just two female officers, both center, one seated, one standing? Is the seated person on the right wearing sunglasses?

  • Eric Golub
    Yes on all. You never know where the sun will shine!

  • Jacqueline Jones

  • Eric Golub
    Hey Jacky, didn't we work together at QNCT ?

  • Jacqueline Jones

  • Eric Golub
    I got there in Dec. 1990. Frank Coshignano lives near me in FL. He smiles now! Rick Rabasa comes down here alot and we hang out together.

  • Jacqueline Jones

  • Eric Golub
    QNCT was paradise compared to the jails.

  • Jacqueline Jones

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Ok...You guys back to COUNT school. There are three females in this pic: One sitting in the front (3rd from left), one (6th from left) and the third (5th from right).

  • Michele B. Stephens McNill
    Jacqueline Jones,

    I was in the March 21, 1983 class.

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