DOC mystery photos 13 - 16: From Ret. ADW William Mendoza's Scrapbook
Recognize anyone not already listed? Other details not already given? See his commentary below.




Click an image icon above for its respective photo and commentary. Email your in-put.

Above are four image icons based on some old photos from retired Assistant Deputy Warden William Mendoza's scrapbook which he generously scanned and sent as email attachments to the New York Correction History Society (NYCHS) website to share with other NYC DOCers, current and retired, as well as with other visitors to

With each photo he included as commentary his recollections about the picture, the names of people in the photo, when it was taken and the occasion.

But he pleads that the passage of years has left gaps in his recall of this or that photo's particulars.

He invites those who have information that would fill those gaps to email us the additional details at:

Scroll down the page to view the photos in sequence or click an image icon above to view that one in particular, regardless of sequence.

Photo #13 note by Ret. ADW Mendoza: "This photo was the first time members of the Departmental Recruitment Unit set up a recruitment push with a photographic display of the various assignments within the department. This was at the Coliseum on 59th street and Columbus circle. Officer David Melendez on the left, my self, and a female officer whose name I do not remember."

Photo #14 note by Ret. ADW Mendoza: "Members of the Departmental Ceremonial Unit based at the Academy. L to R: Officer Ed Zapatoki, Officer Ali Rahman, an officer (I can't remember name), Officer Lenny Holmes, and myself."

Photo #15 note by Ret. ADW Mendoza: "Recognition of the Departmental Recruitment Unit by the Marine Corps representatives for assisting in recruitment of ex-Marine personnel for the position of Correction Officer. L-R: Marron Hopkins, myself, Marine Sgt (name not known), Commissioner Jacquline McMikens, Marine Major (name not known) and Officer David Melendez. "

Photo #16 note by Ret. ADW Mendoza: "An official photo of the Recruitment unit with Deputy Commissioner Ramos and Chief of Department Tom Murray in front of HDM. Can't remember much as far as names and dates, This is what happens when you reach 50 years of age!!! Just kidding....... "

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