DOC mystery photo 19: 'Not Guards Any Longer' Recruitment Ad
Do You Recognize Either CO? The Year? See commentary below.

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The Question:

I will be adding to the CorrectionHistory.Org site over the Labor Day weekend a new Mystery Photo, #19 in the series, one that is appropriate to the occasion.

While engaged in unrelated archival research, I came across this old ad mark-up; that is, a copy of an ad which had been previously printed somewhere and was being marked up for another printing.

The pasted-on type and photo original wasnít with it. Obviously, it dates back a bit, at least to when female COs still wore skirts and the CO pay after 3 years was $23,500.

Nothing with it indicated when or where the ad ran or who the COs photographed were.

I tried high-resolution scanning of the two COs and then smoothing out the half-tone screen effect. But the close-ups didnít come out clearer.

Any one in our Facebook group have in-put to solve the questions?

This is not a test. I donít know the answers.

So I will be guided by your responses, which I will make part of the web page to be added to the web site.

Enjoy the weekend. Stay safe.

The Responses:

Judy Lee Lopez, Freddie Lewis, Lisa Noble, Kathy Ladalia, Michael Barzal, Spencer Burnett, Michael G. Gonsalves, Frank Dwyer Sr., Johnny Suarez, Kevin Mahoney, Tommy Lyam, Ed Belvis, Charles Mule', Frank M. Eposito, Russell Booker, Shirley Bailey, Joanne Vazquez Taylor, Jenny Maldonado, Dianne Brown, Albert Benjamin II, Michael Cameron-Isaacs, and Jacqueline Jones registered their "like" of the posting.

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Member "Comments:"

  • James Vann
    Lol! I created that poster in the Public Affairs Unit, but don't remember the officers' names. The photographer was Errol Toulon or Nelson Villafane! As a matter of fact, that recruitment ad was also in the subway cars. Asst. Commissioner Ramos headed that drive!
    August 30 at 8:42 pm

  • Kathy Ladalia
    Jimmy I was part of that recruitment drive, with Nelson Villafane, these two officers weren't part of that group. Our group was 1986 this was prior. Not by much but before '86
    August 30 at 8:49 pm via mobile

  • Judy Lee Lopez
    Amazingly how good the pic set-up looks. . . . . You always show great work in what you do. Yes, it had to be pretty much in the earlier '80s. It states an older age requirement & the salary was much lower than the later '80s which was in the $26000 plus range & the age req. changed as well. Now of course you need college credit just to apply which is a good thing But the need to CAP on the age, otherwise COBA will be paying $100,000 out on life insurance benefits for active duty deaths & our NYCERS will be depleted paying senior citizens top dollar before they've earn it!
    Yesterday at 2:20 am via mobile

  • Richard Monroe Sr.
    The female officer's first name is Brenda. Last assigned to Transportation Division. Married an officer and now lives in the South. Was recently photographed at the Atlanta reunion with Reggie Allen, Louie Fisher, O .Smith, Mary Rice and others.
    Yesterday at 2:22 am via mobile.

  • Thomas McCarthy
    Jimmy and Kathy, thanks for that lead. As a result, I checked my past e-mails. The last e-mail I had from Joe Ramos goes back to March 2008 and was in connection with different Mystery Photo involving DOC recruitment. I will try that old e-mail address. Yesterday at 2:25 am

  • Jacqueline Perry Brenda Walker...trying to remember her husband's name. They both worked with me at TD... Give me some time, it will come back.
    Yesterday at 5:43 am.

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Just remembered. Brenda and John Maddon.
    Yesterday at 2:16 pm.

  • Elio Mormando
    Jackie, that's Brenda Hyland and John Maddox. Worked with Brenda in personnel
    23 hours ago.

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Yup, got it 23 hours ago via mobile.

  • Jacqueline Jones
    2 minutes ago.

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