For Dad,
In Whose Footsteps I Walk DOC Precincts Today

Father's Day salute to a CO by his Deputy Warden son.

C.O. Martin Wettenstein, circa 1953.
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To the CorrectionHistory.Org webmaster:

Can you get this on the CorrectionHistory.Org website for Father’s Day?

My father, Martin Wettenstein, was a Correction Officer from approximately 1953. He retired in 1973.


Queens County Jail in Long Island City.

I remember that, as a small boy, I rode in the family car when he was being dropped off at work in the old Queens County jail down in Long Island City. I remember smelling the chewing gum from the nearby Dentyne factory.

In those days most families didn’t have two cars. So if my mother wanted the car, she would have to drive him to work and would have to pick him up.

I remember that as I got older and received my driver’s permit, I would drive to the jail with mom and pick him up. I recall driving on the cobblestone roads in general vicinity of that jail.


Queens House of Detention for Men, Kew Gardens.
Later in his career, he was transferred to the Queens House of Detention in Kew Gardens when that facility resulted in the Long Island City jail closing. He continued at the Kew Gardens House until his retirement in 1973. Additionally I remember in the early 1970s that dad had to stay for days due to the inmate riots in that era.

I also recall him walking home from work to Valley Stream one day because of a major snow storm.

Unfortunately I have only one photo of him in a Correction uniform. I am not sure when it was taken but I think it's Correction Academy-related.

Mom (Dorothy) passed away last Nov. 29th. Dad is now 86 years young and lives in Stuart, Florida.

I’d like to post this as a salute to my dad personally on Father's Day and to all the dads whose sons and daughters followed in their fathers' footsteps walking the toughest precincts in the city -- the jails.

Thanks, Dad.

--Deputy Warden Stephen Wettenstein

WEBMASTER NOTE: If you would like to post a salute to your dad who preceded you as a DOC uniformed or civilian staffer, email us with your current assignment, rank and/or title, and a digital image of your dad in DOC uniform or at a DOC facility, along with his appropriate bio and DOC service information. Include your phone # for follow-up contact. Email to nychs @ nyc. rr. com (but as all one word, include periods but no spaces).